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Bad Fuser ?

Broken Printer
 Bad Fuser ?
How Do Fusers Work ?
Fuser's and Fuser Assemblies


Warning: these pictures are the property of BrokenPrinter.com
Fuser's and how do they work ?

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Every toner based printer or copier has a fuser if your printer takes a toner cartridge
then guess what you have a fuser.

Fusers perform one function that is to melt the toner in to the fiber of the paper
fusing assemblies do this by high heat and by pressure between the rollers located inside the fuser.

Old Fuser Technology

Earlier fuser technology required the use of a tungsten filament sealed lamp filled with an inert gas that heated up extremely hot inside an aluminum cylinder this was regulated by a thermostate to make sure it didnt get to hot or have a melt down " fuser meltdown" is what we use to call it the heat generates basically the same as a floor or space heater that you can purchase at your local store.

New Fuser Technolgy

The newer technolgy used by the printer manaufacturers is called a heating element and sleeve 
these fusers no longer need heat lamps and they warm up to temp within seconds using a ceramic glass element , the problem however is they now use a sleeve that resembles camera film and the sleeve has teflon coatings on it which causes the toner not to stick, Similar as your pans at home and after long periods of time this teflon coating wears off and then the toner is not being  fused correctly to the paper print quality goes down hill and in most cases the sleeve fails as shown in the pictures below.

The Photo below is a good picture of the newer heating element technology on top 
the lower picture is the tungsten lamp older fuser technology

How long Do Fuser's Last ?

Fusers dont last long typically 100,000 to 200,000 pages is all there good for most printer
manufacturers will say they last longer and all printers are rated differently concerning fuser life expectancy
but by running envelopes and heavy paper stock through the printer you will cause your printers
fuser to shorten its life span if you want to prolong the life of your printer's fuser then be careful of what you run through it.

Pictures Below Are Just Examples Of Different Fuser Failures

Picture on Left shows a fuser that has went way beyond its life
Picture on Right shows envelope damage to the fuser

Photo Below is a BAD hp Laserjet 5200 Fuser RM1-2522
You can clearly see the fuser sleeve is SHOT
I believe this fuser is going to have a high failure at low page counts due to the poor design.
The element is supported by 3 to 4 spring thermostats
which is causing extreme presure on the fuser sleeve in multiple area's due to the element pushing un-evenly against the lower pressure roller in several spots. Lets see if hp steps up to the plate and acknowledges this problem.

The Fuser Below Is A hp Laserjet 1320 Fuser

This Fuser Had A Severe Paper Jam
And The Customer Tried Very Very Hard To Remove It
Solution: Replace The Whole Fuser.


Below is a photo of a Lexmark T644 Fuser
that has went way beyond its life, as you can see the fuser roller has no teflon coating left the customers complaint was very Poor Print Quality.
Lexmark still chooses to use the older hard Aluminum fuser roller technology with a tungsten lamp.

This picture is the property of BrokenPrinter.com

The Photo below is a hp laserjet 4200 Fuser that has a ripped sleeve this is a fuser that was rebuilt using low quality parts.
The fuser was rebuilt using the older VA1 sr# assembly which was destined to fail
Solution rebuild the fuser correctly using quality parts and a non VA1 core RM1-0013
Warning: Pictures are the property BrokenPrinter.com 

Picture below is a fuser from a hp laserjet 9000
This fuser has worn teflon on the upper roller and the toner is now sticking print quality has been compromised.
Solution replace the fuser or rebuild the fuser RG5-5750

The photo below is a compilation of bad fuser sleeves
from a variety of failures.

The photo below shows a hp laserjet 5100 fuser RG5-7060 that was purchased from another company and the fuser continued to give the customer print quality problems we ripped the fuser down to identify the orange lower pressure roller needed to be replaced and the company that rebuilt the fuser neglected to do this correctly.


The photo below is a bad lower pressure roller on a hp 9050 fuser the fuser probably could have been saved but the customer thought something was
wrapped around the lower roller and attempted to remove it, unknowingly what the individual had done was removed the special coating on the lower pressure roller
thinking he was resolving his problem.
Solution: Install a new fuser and pitch this one.


The photo below is a hp laserjet 1200 fuser
Same fuser as hp laserjet 3380 and hp laserjet 1000
Whats wrong with this picture ?
the fuser has no sleeve the customer did a great job
removing the fuser sleeve. The customer when asked said that she thought it was just something she ran through the printer and she was determined to get it out.
Solution: Rebuild the fuser assembly. RG9-1493


Photo below shows the hp p3005 fuser the p3005 fuser has given many technicians
a headache this photo shows the lower pressure roller bushing, this bushing has a habit of cracking and or wearing causing the printer to make a severe
rumbling noise very common for this model
We have had many problems with the P3005 fuser
Solution: Install new replacement bushings and gear kit.


The photo below is from a hp color laserjet 4650 the fuser has suffered cracked end caps
We also find the color laserjet 4600 fuser suffers from the same problem.
which is common amongst this family of printer.
Solution Replace Fuser or end caps
WARNING: Picture is the property of BrokePrinter.com


The photo below represents a hp laserjet 4plus bad fuser
this fuser has a bad lower pressure roller and caused the paper to wrinkle
and deliver poor print quality these are older fuser's
and by a simple fuser rebuild everything was back to normal.


The Photo below
Another bad lower fuser roller this is fuser from a hp color laserjet 8550 the fuser has a lower pressure roller that has started to fail causing poor print quality and creating wrinkled pages when printing.
The customer was printing a very heavy envelope stock that
contributed to the fuser failing early or prematurely.
Solution: Replace the fuser and advised the customer
of the costly repair associated with what they are printing.


The Photo Below shows a cracked heating element on a hp laserjet 5100 this caused the printer to go into a 50.2 fuser error, the service 50.2 error and 50.1 error is extremely common for the laserjet 5000 series printers.
Solution replace the fuser with a new or rebuilt assembly


The Photo Below Is A hp Laserjet 4200
Fuser That Was Made Poorly
And The Print Quality Was Blurry
The Fuser Required Disassembly And
Re-Lubricate The Sleeve

The Photo below represents a bad hp laserjet 8150 fuser
the fuser suffers from a high page count and requires replacement the problem is called fuser off-setting double images or ghosting down the center of the printed page this is a typical fuser failure for this model.
You can see the fuser roller and the toner build up in this photo.


The photo below shows a hp laserjet 3052mfp all in one
the fuser has been damaged.
If you look closely you will see the lower orange pressure
roller has been twisted several times this is a very uncommon failure for a fuser
The customer prints index cards which was was the reason for fuser failure.
Resolution: Replace the fuser    


Below is a photo of a hp 9050mfp fuser that suffers from severe squeeking in this case we found the fuser was rebuilt by a internet company that over looked these parts when rebuilding the fuser.
Solution:It was less cost to the customer to simply replace the bushings and bearings and rebuild the fuser correctly.


The Photo Below is another example of Bad Fuser
at a low page count
This fuser suffered from a sleeve that shifted as you can see from the photo the fuser sleeve shifted a good inch or so.
The customers complaint was toner smearing off the paper.
Solution: Install a new fuser not knowing why the sleeve shifted led us to believe that the fuser maybe flawed from the factory.


The photo below is a bad hp 4350 fuser 
this fuser caused the customer to have terrible print quality and paper jams.
Solution: Rebuild the fuser


Photo below is a bad p4015 laserjet fuser
The fuser needs to be rebuilt
Fuser Part# RM1-4554


The photo Below is a bad cp3525 (hp) color laserjet fuser
this fuser seems to common for horizontal stress cracks on the Salmon colored film sleeve this seems to be extremely common for this model and is causing poor print quality and also will wrinkle the paper during printing, we have seen almost all these fuser's prematurely fail at half there life remaining.
Somebody screwed up at (hp) when they designed this fuser.
Solution: Replace the bad fuser

Photo Below is how we bulk up a skid of bad fusers and ship them back to large parts companies, this has been a great way to keep these devices out of the landfills.

Copier Fuser's
Copier Fusing Assemblies are critical to maintain correctly
a fusing assembly that suffers from wear and high mileage will start to create
copy quality problems and paper jamming issues as shown below
fusers only last between 100,000 and 200,000 pages on most copiers.
We can rebuild your copiers fuser to like new for a fraction of the cost of new.

Photo below is from a canon image runner copier with a bad fuser
the copier has a high page count and the fuser required replacement.